Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28 weeks late.

Whoops. I am totally going to kick myself for not blogging as often as I did with Camden. Poor Ella, I'm not going to remember anything about her pregnancy except how sore my right set of ribs are ;)
Seriously though, we are in the home stretch (third trimester) and I haven't blogged about a single pregnancy update.
We found out around Thanksgiving (and super early.. 4weeks) that we were expecting baby #2. While this was "semi-planned" as we like to call it, we were still very shocked. We weren't planning on telling our families so soon, but with as sick as I was, we didn't want everyone questioning why I wasn't stuffing my face during the holidays (I also have a hard time at keeping exciting news to myself). We decided to let Camden announce our news to our families. We dressed him up in a sweet big brother t-shirt and made rounds for surprise visits that day! Everyone had similar reactions to what we had when we found out, but excitement set in quickly! Naturally, everyone began taking bets on the gender of the child, as there are WERE, no girl grandchildren. Obviously that streak has been broken, and sweet Ella Cathryn will have six big boy cousins to toughen her up and protect her! We are so excited!
It took us awhile to decide on a name for our baby girl. We both decided that we wanted to use "Ella", because it holds a special meaning to both of our families. Ella was Matthew's great grandmother's name, as well as my great grandmother's name. We chose Cathryn for her middle name mainly because of its meaning. Cathryn means pure or innocent. Ella means "completely". We both agreed that completely innocent/pure was the perfect name for our baby girl.
We are working with Camden on introducing the thought of a new baby being in the house. We let Camden play in "sister's room" and talk to him about baby. He loves to watch sonograms and point out his "baby." He also thinks everyone has a baby in their belly. We love that little boy. Still trying to fathom loving another child like we love him, but we know it will happen.
There isn't much left for me to post about since I'm not nearly as prepared this time around.. I guess everything will get done in the next twelve weeks :)

How far along? 28 weeks

Total weight gain: 18 pounds
Maternity clothes?: yes

Stretch marks? none yet

Sleep: not so great ;)

Miss anything?: being able to breath

Movement: yes! she has the exact same movement patterns that Camden did!

Food cravings: fruit and slushes from Sonic
Anything making you queasy or sick?: lying flat on my back
Gender: girl

Name: Ella Cathryn Gates

Labor Signs: None, but multiple BH contractions daily (since 21 weeks)

Belly Button: way past outie stage
Wedding Rings: On

Symptoms: back pain, shortness of breath, cancels
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Moody
Looking forward to: Our sonogram monday!

Nursery Theme & Colors: Shabby chic.. pink, cream, and white

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

9 months old!

Can't believe it's been five months since I updated this! Oh my gosh how much stuff has changed! 

How old:  9 months
Weight: 15lb13oz at our last checkup.. yes, we know he is small. but our doctor says he's healthy as a horse (and he's still on the growth chart!)
Height: 27 inches
Hair color: blonde
Eyes: bright blue
Favorite food: still mama milk! along with anything he can get his mouth on, including dog food :(

Sleep: So far, so good. Sleeping through the night (most nights) for about 12 hours and taking 2-3 naps a day.
Movement: Crawling everywhere, pulling up, and "cruising"!
Favorite "words": dada ... sad face.
Favorite toy: this bracelet made of bells that we probably shouldn't have bought at Cracker Barrel. and his football
Favorite clothes: sleepers
Diaper size: 2
Clothes size: 9 month.. FINALLY!!
Shoe size: 2
Likes: nursing, being nosy, chewing on everything, and squealing/talking
Dislikes: being too sleepy, having his nose suctioned

Who does he favor? We're hearing about 50/50 now.. which makes mama happy :)

I am SO proud to say that we are 3/4 of the way to our nursing goal. My long-term goal is to nurse Camden until his 1st birthday, but I had mini goals set along the way. However, I honestly get depressed thinking about weaning him now.. no judgment ;) But for real, I am so proud of both of us for getting so close to our goal. The last three months will seem like nothing! I'm beyond thankful to have such a supportive husband who sees my goals and encourages me to do what we feel is best for mom and baby! I couldn't have made it this far without his support and help from LLL and other nursing mamas! It's so fulfilling to set goals and watch yourself meet them!

Camden is SUCH a joy to us! I really do not remember what it was like living without him. I find ourselves constantly talking about our "sweet angel" and that's exactly what he is. We thank God daily for blessing us with the opportunity to be his earthly parents and demonstrate just a small portion of God's love to him!

Hopefully I'll update again before his first birthday.. then again, maybe I won't :/

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being a mommy and Camden's 4 month check up!

As I sit here and watch my little man nap in his swing (the only place he WILL nap- ha!) , I'm flooded with thoughts of WHY I love being a mommy and how it has changed my life. Looking back, I don't know how I ever lived NOT as a mommy. I feel like being a mommy is my calling in life. I have always known that I wanted to be a mommy, but I never imagined just how complete it would make my life. I feel like there must have been this void in my heart I was unaware of that only Camden could fill. And on September 19, 2012, all 6 pounds and 8 ounces of that baby boy fit perfectly into that void. I felt like a kid putting a huge jigsaw puzzle together and finally snapping in the last piece. Everything was complete at 1:54pm. Our lives made perfect sense as we experienced God's unconditional love for us, though often puzzling, unfold into a beautiful masterpiece right in our arms.
Being a mommy has definitely changed my life in a huge way, but only for the better. Now, instead of watching the bachelor or whatever other TV shows I used to watch, I watch my baby boy drift off to sleep. Instead of hearing Michael Buble' play throughout the house while I clean, I hear the tunes of numerous lullabies. While I used to nap often on my days off, I find myself just watching him nap once he finally goes down. Instead of smelling like fancy perfumes, I usually smell like a new fragrance- Camden spit up. (I should patent that ;) ). I've learned that my child must not have very good hearing, because he falls asleep as I sing to him (or maybe that's his way of getting me to stop- ha!). I have spent nights just watching the video monitor "just one last time" to make sure "he's OK" before bed. I have given Camden more kisses than his daddy has probably ever had from me. The majority of my adult/girlfriend conversations don't revolve around fashion or entertainment anymore, but around breastfeeding, developmental milestones, sleep regressions, and teething. My once flat and hard stomach is a little less flat and a lot more fluffy (but we're working on that!). Mama doesn't always get her bubble bath anymore, but watching Camden play in his bath is way more fun. I've learned to speak baby-- which I sucked at previously. My house is a little less tidy and the laundry piles up a lot faster, but I've learned that it can wait. I've had to eat my words several times (don't say you will NEVER do something regarding parenting, because you will). I'm pretty sure now that I rely on nursing just as much, if not more, than Camden does. It's our bonding time, cuddle time, nurturing time.. and I already dread the day we wean. I can work a breast pump and Canon like a pro (food and pictures are necessities!). I never thought I would get excited over dirty diapers or gas, yet I have. I've grown a backbone and learned when to say "no", "thanks but no thanks", and be firm in our parenting decisions and how to take advice with a grain of salt. But most of all, I have learned to love on a much deeper level that I never knew was possible. Being a mom has changed me and I would not trade it for the world.

Now that all of my mommy mushiness is over.. here is a little update on my perfect man! He had his 4month check up yesterday and we dealt with the nasty S word.. shots. Poor baby did not handle them well. He cried for a solid 45 minutes once we got home until I finally got him settled-- then we snuggled up in bed and napped for 2 hours (another one of those things I said I'd never do-- whoops). Those shots must have gotten the best of him, because he slept from 8p-4:15a before waking up to nurse. Happy mama :)

How old: 17 weeks
Weight: 13lbs.. my little 25th percentile buddy ;).. but hey, we've double our birth weight!
Height: 24 inches
Hair color: blonde.. what's left of it!
Eyes: bright blue
Favorite food: mama's milk

Sleep: We've been struggling with the dreaded 4mo sleep regression.. but it looks like things are looking up again! 
Movement: Wiggle worm. He loves to "dance" and kick his legs. He also loves to grab his little toes!
Favorite "words": "hhheeeeeeeeeeeee"
Favorite toy: his duck hand puppet, O-ball football, mickey mouse lovie, swing
Favorite clothes: sleepers
Diaper size: 2s
Clothes size: 3month and 3-6month
Shoe size: 1
Likes: baths, music, gnawing everything he can get ahold of!
Dislikes: his carseat, unfortunately :(

Who does he favor? Depends on who you ask.. some people say Matt still and I have had a few people say he is starting to look like me.